Personal Trainer

  • Duties 
  1. Demonstrating exercises and routines to clients
  2. Assisting members in exercises to minimize injury and promote fitness
  3. Modify exercises according to members fitness levels
  4. Monitoring members progress
  5. Providing information or resources on general fitness and health issues
  6. Providing emergency first aid if necessary
    • Qualifications
    1. CPR Certification 
    2. PT Certification from an accredited program
    3. 3 months + experience 

    * Not yet certified? Get your certification through FIT 4 YOU. 

    Recreational Instructor 

    There are positions available in Yoga, Boxing, Zumba, Dance and more. Let us know what you can do!

    • Duties
    1. Teach basic skills to youths and adults 
    2. Determine goals and objectives of class 
    3. Ensure safety of all members
    • Qualifications
    1. 3 month + experience 
    2. Able to teach in a group setting 
    3. Able to communicate with general manager and parents
    4. CPR not required but preferred 


    • Duties 
    1. Assess members health needs and diet
    2. Counsel patients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits
    3. Develop meal plans, taking both cost and clients’ preferences into account
    4. Evaluate the effects of meal plans and change the plans as needed
    5. Promote better nutrition by speaking to groups about diet, nutrition, and the relationship between good eating habits and preventing or managing specific diseases
    6. Keep up with the latest nutritional science research
    7. Write reports to document members progress
    • Qualifications
    1. 6 months + experience 
    2. Certification from accredited program 
    3. Available on weekends to meet members
    4. Reliable transportation and contact number 

    Email your resume to Please include in the subject line your first and last name and position you are applying for. Full job duties and qualification document will be sent in return. 

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