Fitness One-O-Ones

Class is in session. Shhh! The One-O-Ones are mini tips to the three items listed below. 

                                                                            EAT! LOSE! GAIN!

I am willing to bet that the majority of folks fall in one of these categories. These tips are updated daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. There is a 75% - 90% success rate working with a personal trainer, rather then on your own, but until you are ready, I hope these tips help. 

Eat Healthy 101 

Start by making small changes. Drink less sodas. Eat more fruit.   

Lose Weight 101 

Eat less starches and sugars.  

Gain Muscle 101

Consume more protein. Eat in the morning, afternoon and at night. Consume the most protein in the morning and afternoon.  

Fit 4 You and its associates is not responsible for any issues you may endure following these instructions, which include but are not limited to sickness or allergic reactions. You follow these instructions on you own free will.  For safe and a more success rate it is beneficial to hire a personal trainer, visit your doctor, and/or obtain information from a registered dietitian or nutritionist.